Corinne Geertsen, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City UT

Corinne Geertsen, Meyer Gallery, Park City UT

Corinne Geertsen, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City UT

The Footnote Chronicles, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa AZ
History: What Happens When You’re Not Looking, Tempe History Museum, Tempe AZ

Corinne Geertsen, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City UT

Beyond Memory, Springville Museum of Art, Springville UT

Freudian Trip, Kimball Art Center, Park City UT
Corinne Geertsen, Appaloosa Library, Scottsdale AZ
Corinne Geertsen, Scottsdale Public Arts, Scottsdale AZ

Psychological Sophistication and Quirk, Vision Gallery, Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler AZ
Parlor Games, After Hours Gallery, Phoenix AZ

Psychological Sightseeing, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa AZ
Geertsen at the Olney, Cathedral Center for the Arts, Phoenix AZ
Corinne Geertsen, Arizona State University Polytechnic, Mesa, AZ
Corinne Geertsen, Mesa Community College, Mesa AZ

Psychological Images of Sophistication and Quirk, @Central Gallery, Burton Barr Public Library, Phoenix AZ


Memory, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe AZ
Our Fragile Ecosystem, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
28th Arts North International, 2nd place, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Minneapolis MN
She, Art Fluent
Animalia, Art Fluent

Stranger Things, Herberger, Phoenix AZ

Of Flora & Fauna, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
Salmagundi Photography Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
Our Global Climate Emergency, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

Pop Femme Sugar Coated Strange, Pop Santa Fe NM
AZ Biennial, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson AZ
AZ Biennial Artists, Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale AZ
Climate Crisis, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City UT
The New Vanguard, Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe NM
Leaving Eden, Dallas, Texas

Some Women, Salt Lake City, UT,
Making Her Mark: Art by Women, Park City, UT
Myths, Maps and Legends, Tempe AZ

Music Box III, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY
Figurative Show, Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale, AZ
Vanitas, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY
Le Rêve, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY
Artful Play, idea Museum, Mesa, AZ
Far Out!, idea Museum, Mesa AZ
We Believe, Shemer Museum, Phoenix
Journeys, Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT

Artifacts, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City UT
Small Works, Howard/Mandville Gallery, Kirkland WA

50 Years of Collecting, Art Gallery at Mesa Community College, Mesa AZ
Contemporary Showcase, Howard/Mandville Gallery, Kirkland WA
Meyer Gallery Photo Focus, Park City UT
FantaSea, i.d.e.a Museum, Mesa AZ

Winter Show, Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City UT
Art Stroll, Meyer Gallery, Park City UT
Summer Artwalk, Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale AZ

Works on Paper, Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale AZ
Weather or Not, Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa AZ
Corinne Geertsen, Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale AZ

Family Matters, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe
Extreme Pets, i.d.e.a Museum, Mesa AZ

20 Questions, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe AZ


Arizona State University
B-K Medical, Herlev, Denmark
Brigham Young University, L. Tom Perry Special Collections
City of Phoenix
City of Tempe
i.d.e.a Museum, Mesa, AZ
Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum
Mesa Community College
Scottsdale Public Arts
Springville Museum of Art
Tempe History Museum


Edition of 20 prints for donor gifts, Center for Latter Day Saints Arts, New York NY

La Débauche, Angoulême, France – labels

Book cover-Pigs When They Straddle the Air, Julie Nichols
City of Tempe’s Time Capsule

City of Tempe commissioned a work sourcing Tempe historical photos


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MFA, Brigham Young University

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