Geertsen Work


Of course rhinos love pineapples. Please notice that when the rhino walks to the left, the Rhinocycle moves to the right. To go forward you must go back. Zen rhino. The palette is Nursery Colors ... [Continue reading]

Fish Purse

Fish Purse came together before the others in my queue. This picture is about what it's like to lose a house to foreclosure, as some people dear to me will soon. Bravery, ominous skies, money taking ... [Continue reading]

Delivering Peace

Finished. The fellow on the left is Anders Geertsen, one of my husband's people. His picture was taken in Aarhus, Denmark in about 1883. The fellow on the right is Kaiser Wilhelm. No offense to ... [Continue reading]

Extreme Prairie

I added a new animal after auditioning nine others. The sheep worked best. Some photo bends in the corners, a film line on the left, darkened edges, sharpened children. Done! ... [Continue reading]

A Certain Obstinance

Here's a piece I recently finished. This is what I think stubborn looks like. Even her handbag looks stubborn. ... [Continue reading]

The Moment Before the Consequence of an Error

Just finished this one. It really is best to look around every now and then. I had a lot of fun with the ocean and sky. They're from photos taken looking out to sea from Skagen, Denmark. The water ... [Continue reading]

Plungist With Up-Ometer

Here's a recently finished piece. Her Up-Ometer will tell her which way is up while she's going over the falls. It's always good to know which way is up. ... [Continue reading]