Finding Photos – Lightroom

I have 28,000 photos in my personal photo archive. I need to be able to quickly find photos I'm thinking about as well as photos I've completely forgotten. Adobe Lightroom can do that. My photos ... [Continue reading]

Brushes freezing Photoshop CC

Let me just save you the time it takes to read this whole post. The upgrade to Photoshop CC 2014 solved all the problems listed here. This post deals with the travails of trying to get my Wacom tablet ... [Continue reading]

Flying Fish

A fine way for adventurous Littles to travel. Drifting slowly over the wet sand to parts unknown. Catching a sea breeze. Technically the most difficult part of this picture was photographing fish ... [Continue reading]

iPad – Greenish Cast

Here is my iMac, which I regularly calibrate with a Spyder calibration system. Below on the left is my husband's iPad (the original). A new iPad mini Retina display is in the middle. A new iPad Air is ... [Continue reading]