The Quiet Before the Crush

Here’s the gallery just before the show opened. (The show was up three weeks before the opening.

We’re having Thanksgiving the week before Christmas and it’s a Blue Moon month. I know.)

Love the open glass at the end. Architect Will Bruder is a genius.

Nineteen pieces in the show, just couldn’t squeeze anymore in.

Anything Can Happen

Anything Can Happen Corinne Geertsen

Anything Can Happen

Great-uncle Horatio belonged to the Church of Perpetual Serendipity.

(This is an older picture re-worked. I like this so much better. The figure is David James Geertsen, an antecedent of my husband’s.)

Tin Type

Tin Type Corinne Geertsen

We went to a thrift store yesterday and brought home this great tin type (and 10 photos).
I’m looking forward to working with this. Possibly Civil War era?


Migratory Corinne Geertsen


A tortoise doesn’t wear a helmet unless he thinks he’s going to need it.  And everything is better with an owl along.

The Fish Channel

The Fish Channel Corinne Geertsen

The Fish Channel

Love obscure cable channels. The children are unknown and now not forgotten. I made the wallpaper from lots of things–the rip in it is from a photo of a great uncle.

The City of Phoenix has this picture in its permanent collection.


Contra Rhinocycle Corinne Geertsen

Contra Rhinocycle

Of course rhinos love pineapples. Please notice that when the rhino walks to the left, the Rhinocycle moves to the right.
To go forward you must go back. Zen rhino.

The palette is Nursery Colors Gone Sour. The rudder is made from a hand-carved wooden shovel belonging to one
of the houses we rented when we lived in Denmark.
Corinne Geertsen Shovel

Rhino and Child

20090313-W Rhino-55
Here’s a great Rhino. I like him lots because he’s zippy;
he rocks and rolls around his rhinoceros pen.
Old Photo Corinne Geertsen
This girl is from a thrift shop in downtown Mesa, Arizona. I’m busy putting the two of them together.
No babies will be harmed in the making of this picture.

Fish Purse

Fish Purse Corinne Geertsen

Fish Purse

Fish Purse came together before the others in my queue. This picture is about what it’s like to
lose a house to foreclosure, as some people dear to me will soon. Bravery, ominous skies,
money taking on a new meaning, and endurance.

Delivering Peace

Delivering Peace Corinne Geertsen

Delivering Peace

Finished. The fellow on the left is Anders Geertsen, one of my husband’s people. His picture was taken in Aarhus, Denmark in about 1883. The fellow on the right is Kaiser Wilhelm. No offense to Anders, this picture is about the absurdity of so many military endeavors.

The Mesa Arts Center has this piece in its permanent collection.

British Gold Coach

Corinne Geertsen Gold Coach
I just selected what I need from The British Gold State Coach for the next picture.

I photographed it a couple of years ago at the Royal Mews in London. George III had seen one like it when he was 21 and just had to have it. It’s a Rococo/Greek Myth/Naval Victory mongrel and makes Cinderella’s ride look like a brick.

It weighs 4 tons (as does an Indian Elephant). Eight horses pull it at a walking pace. It rolls with a Beefeater at each wheel, a footman at every door and a groom at every horse’s head.

William IV, king and naval commander, said being in the coach was like being “in a rough boat on a rough sea.” Queen Victoria refused to ride in it because of its “distressing oscillations.”

It sits up on jacks, keeping its weight off its wheels to help keep them round. It takes ten men a half-day to maneuver it out the double doors of its coach house. There’s 3/4″ clearance on either side of the doorway out.