Tea: Playing with Time in Art

Tea by Corinne Geertsen, digital art, digital collage


It’s far more interesting to show the moment before something happens, rather than to show it while it’s happening. Time can become a strong element in a work of art. If art like this were a book, we would all want to read the next chapter.

The moment after something happens can be just as fascinating. It’s like looking at the aftermath of a train wreck. Here’s Charm:

Charm by Corinne Geertsen, digital art, digital collage


Umbrella Test

Umbrella Test by Corinne Geertsen, Digital Art, Digital collage

Umbrella Test

This bear is a professional umbrella tester. The light changes. He falls. The umbrella is tested.

The man is forever clueless. That’s part of the test. You never know when calamity strikes.

The bear is calm, even nonchalant. He does it all day. He brings a lunch.

I made the bear from photos of different bears and bear taxidermy. I made bear brushes in Photoshop and painted bear parts. There’s a lot of homemade Photoshop bear hair.

There were many versions of the bear. It would have been easier to take my camera to the Department of Umbrella Testing.

I believe I am now qualified to Photoshop glamour bears on the covers of fancy bear magazines. Ugly bears can be made lovely. Bears can be made from nothing at all.


The Tree Collector and his Dog

The Tree Collector and his Dog Corinne Geertsen Digital Art

The Tree Collector and his Dog

Things are not looking good for trees. (Just look out the window.) The tree collector begins his life’s work.

His dog gets into the spirit by rounding up a stray branch here and there.

Many thanks to the Tempe History Museum for allowing use of the photo of this diligent young man, Civil War era.


Sanctuary Corinne Geertsen


Some people have a natural gift for keeping others safe.

This work has a hill from a photo my husband took in Hong Kong in the 1970’s and dandelions from a hike in the Sierras last summer. Good advice: take a photo of a sparrow whenever you see one – you never know when you’ll need it.

Studio Snapshot – Phoenix Magazine

Studio Snapshot Corinne Geertsen

Can anyone other than reporter Arren Kimbel-Sannit pack so much information in such a short article and keep you wanting more?

I put the picture together from four different shots so that you can see an image on my monitor, there wouldn’t be any cords lying about and The Puckster would be in the right place.

Here’s Arren’s text – a little bigger and easier to read:

Here’s a bigger view of the rest of the article:


The Board of Directors Takes up the Cat Problem

I’m quite delighted to say that this work is now in the permanent collection of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. It’s found it’s way into several private collections in the last month as well.

The Board of Directors Takes up the Cat Problem Corinne Geertsen

The Board of Directors Takes up the Cat Problem

Maybe I was a little quick to call the picture done. We’ve recently inherited my mother’s sixteen year old sweetie cat. Perhaps she should have a work of her own?

100 Creatives

Many thanks to Phoenix New Times for featuring me as #25 in their “100 Creatives” series. Many thanks to Becky Bartkowsky for her excellent writing! (Click on the text of the article to enlarge for reading.)

Corinne Geertsen

Show at Mesa Arts Center

My solo show is up and running at the Mesa Arts Center. There are 22 works, many accompanied by poems contributed by interesting writers around the world.

Singing Lesson is in the show. We really do not know who is giving whom singing lessons.

Singing Lesson by Corinne Geertsen

Singing Lesson

The show is up until January 8th, 2017. Click HERE for details about my show including museum hours. There is also info about others shows in the same building that I am pretty sure you will enjoy. Free entrance. Come on down!

Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum for all you’ve done to make this fall season amazing.

Howard/Mandville Gallery – and more!

I’m delighted to join the extraordinary  Howard/Mandville Gallery near Seattle. If you’re in the Puget Sound area, please come August 12-September 4th for a great group show.

Howard/Mandville Gallery Corinne Geertsen

We’ve shipped six pictures to the Howard/Mandville, including Every Hero Has a Journey.

Every Hero Has a Journey Corinne Geertsen

Every Hero Has a Journey

You can see my work right now at the Tempe History Museum in Tempe, AZ until August 22. Many of the pieces in the show are based on historic images from the Tempe History Museum’s collection. The show is called “History: What Happens When You’re Not Looking”.

Do come to my show at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum opening September 9th, running through January 8th, 2017.  Have you been to an opening at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum yet? They can really throw a party.  The opening is September 9th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm. Also opening, same night, is new work by Daniel Martin Diaz (fabulous).

I’m doing the outer wrap for the City of Tempe’s time capsule. I proofed printing today. Sneak preview – one side. Right now it’s a bare steel 5 foot cube, which weighs about the same as a tiger and a lady together:

Tempe Time Capsule Corinne Geertsen

Night Vision

20150902-Phoropter-02I asked to photograph this phoropter at the eye doctor’s.

It looked like a handy thing for two partners with night vision.

Note below: things that are made up are the moon, the ground fog and the fireflies. Things that are not made up are the upper half of the man, from the photographs of the Tempe History Museum… and his lower half, posed for by the very patient Jeff Geertsen.

This week, come to the Tempe History Museum on Thursday, June 9th! My show “History: What Happens When You’re Not Looking” opens. I’m going to do demos with Photoshop, should be fun!!!

Night Vision Corinne

Night Vision

Tempe History Museum June 9, 2016

Exciting things: I’m still accepting writing to be displayed along side my work at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum , opening September 9th. For details, check here: The Footnote Chronicles and You.